Tri-State Biologics (TSB) has formed one of the most innovative medical products distribution streams in the United States. TSB employs more than 20 sales representatives servicing the tri-state area which encompassing New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut as well as eastern Pennsylvania. Our company personnel has over 25 years of extensive and documented success in the multi-faceted biologics field, thereby providing our team with a wealth of procedural knowledge facilitating our ability to sell, service and support the use of these products and technologies crossing over a wide range of medical specialties.

We have developed priceless, long-term, constructive relationships with top physicians and surgeons in such critical fields as orthopedics, podiatry, pain management, surgical oncology, general surgery and plastic surgery. Other valuable crossover medical areas we regularly service and sell to include vascular, cardio thoracic, spinal, interventional radiology and OB/GYN.

Because of the complexities inherent in the field of biologics, we have created unique ways to sell many different products with phenomenal success. Our proactive approach and expertise in the field of regenerative medicine places Tri-State Biologics among the leaders in bringing the newest and latest technologies to the forefront. Furthermore, our valued customers and physicians expect nothing less than the most exciting, game-changing advancements in the medical field.

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Tri-State Biologics to be your first choice to contact when looking for the most advanced products in the field of regenerative medicine as well as the most customer-service-oriented distribution channels.

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